Letters to myself.

Dear 11 year old me,
This is kind of weird since people don’t write letters to 11 year olds. But If harry potter can go to Hogwarts at 11, you can read a letter at 11 😛
So, straight to the point,
Yeah your best friend in the whole wide world is gone. And you don’t feel complete anymore. You don’t wanna have friends, your current class sucks with a lot of weird people in it. 

Puberty won’t be kind to you. Its not gonna make you hot and hence not popular, but that’s good. Because then, you’ll make real friends. You’ll learn a shitload from them. Not all of them will last.
There’s that one girl tho. She’s going to change your life. She’s amazing. Let her know that as often as possible because she doesn’t really believe it rn.
You may seem lost now, but there’s a lot more lonely nights ahead. Don’t worry. Its made up soon. By the perfect people in your life.
Don’t give up hope, ever. You’re going to mess up bad, but you’ll survive. You’ll be happy. So happy one day. I can’t wait for you to find out.
You’ll change. A lot. A LOT.
But that’s okay. Repeat after me, Change is okay. Don’t be ashamed to embrace it. You’ll change into a better person, a happier person. You’ll be satisfied with yourself . Finally.


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