Second Chances.

Second chances.
I’m so messed up about these. Like one part of me believes that no one should have second chances. If they fuck up , well, fuck off.
I mean who’d wanna repeat the same mistake twice right? Go through the same things, come out, gaining nothing all over again?
But then the other part argues that,people change.
Everyone changes. not necessarily for the good. But it won’t be the same experience would it?
People learn from their mistakes and if they really ask for a second chance theyre willing to correct their wrong doings?
There is maybe a humane aspect to all this. Give people a chance to redeem themselves. Maybe that’s what the world needs rn. People are shunned off at the first sign of a mistake and this just discourages them to ever do a right thing maybe? At least in some people’s cases.

But the third part of me wonders if I would have everything I have right now if people didn’t believe in second chances.


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