Bits and pieces.

The first time I went to a stadium. It doesn’t seem important. But it is. The first time, in a long time, I felt that way. Excited about something. And it was magical. Not the game. The game went on. But the happiness of the people there. Like a carnival. We jumped and screamed with all we had,supporting the men in yellow. A whole sea of people collectively screaming the team’s name. Everyone high-fiving each other regardless of whether we knew each other or not.

And I wondered, if the people in the country behaved like this on a daily basis. Not caring who his fellow being is and wha is his story. No judgements. Just enjoying each others company and supporting India as a country,not just the states or a political party. If the whole of India was a giant football team playing against the rest of the world, would we still kill each other in the name of God or a man who we worship as God?