I created the skies,
Grey and blue and red.
I created the trees
And the wind that made them dance.
I created air to breathe
I created love to survive.
What are we without love?

But symmetry, is important.
So I created hate,
I created war
I created bad, to go with the good;
Evil to every hero.

And if that wasn’t enough,
I created needy living things
And called them humans.
I tolerated some everyday,
And called them family.
I grew to love a few ,
And called them friends.
Then,I, the creator, became dependent.
I became the needy living thing,
They taught me how to live,
Not survive in the world I created.

But,oh darling, if I really created everything and everyone,
I think I put all my effort for you,
Because you are my pride,
You are the best art in all my creations.