“You’re what everyone looks for,
Yet, how is it that people rarely find you?
Of course, flashing lights don’t point to you,
Sometimes you’re so well hidden,
Nobody notices you;
Ninja aren’t ya?”

Smiling, you said
“I was always there.”

It flashed before my eyes;
The one that got away,
The one that broke me,
The one I broke,
The one who walked away,

“No, not always.
I had been mended time and again,
Made to believe you existed,
I tried to find you.
From Shakespearean sonnets
To tumblr quotes,
All they ever spoke about was you.
Then why did I not find you?
You weren’t always there.
You were never there.”

“You didn’t search for me,
The real me;
I was there as your mother’s food,
The one she made, after her tiring day.
I was there as your father’s support,
Even that time you failed the test.
I was there as your best friend,
Laughing at silly things to cheer you up.
I was there as your teacher,
Giving you that extra mark to boost your grade.
I was there as that stranger,
Helping you up after you tripped.

I was always there all around,
Look for me in the smallest of things;
And you’ll always find me:love.”


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