Social justice is like traffic signs. Before you learn driving, you don’t notice the signs around you; But after you learn driving, you can’t NOT notice it.
Suddenly, you realise how injust society has been to women from the beginning. And then you understand, it started from your home.
I live in a Indian-Hindu family, where women are apparently “goddesses”. I’ve suffered small kinds of discrimination from the early years.
These instances seemed fine, normal in fact. I think that is the most dangerous part.


Just recently, I cut off my hair. It’s pretty short. I cut off my hair to donate it, but the reasons are irrelevant.
The only thing I’ve heard from all the “mature adults” from my family is, “Oh lord! Look how short it is. Don’t you know girls arw supposed to have long hair?!”
Really? Did I miss the memo that said how girls are supposed to behave or look?
Where did everyone find this “ladylike” characteristics that every girl is supposed to follow?
I was asked to clean the table, or learn to cook when my brother could watch TV because I will HAVE to use it someday.
I couldn’t talk to any boy from my class, without giving his full background information.
When I sat cross legged, I was asked to sit properly, like a ‘woman’. (????)
My male cousins are asked to think of higher studies after their 4 to 6 year courses when I’m asked to think of a groom.
We were sitting at a party where all the men was drinking; but as soon as a lady took a small sip of alcohol she was irresponsible. Are drinks only supposed to be enjoyed by men? Or rather, why don’t you scoff at men too? Or is it that alcohol doesn’t affect men’s livers?

I start noticing small things like this. And I’m in physical pain. No matter how strong a feminist movement we have, things wouldn’t change. Not for a long while. Women and men are given specific roles and they will HAVE to stick to them.
The ‘rebels’ in the society will be shunned out.

But even if it takes a while, even if they shun off all the rebels , we’ll rise back up. We will do something.
We aren’t the screwed up generation like they make us seem.
We’re the generation of change.
And we’ll bring it.


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