To my girls,

To the OG.

The one who watched me grow and the one who helped me grow.

I’m not sure how the three of us ended up being friends, but the earliest memories I have is Winnerz. I remember Shradha raving about Liya and how much fun they’re having and me, being in a separate batch, obviously grew jealous (Classic Anagha). So I instantly changed my batch to theirs. Damn, what a great decision.

From eating in between classes and giving bad relationship advices – we became the best of friends.

It’s impossible to imagine my 11th and 12th grade without my friendship with these two. Some of my happiest memories in Bahrain were with them.

I’ve watched them both grow from insecure to beautiful inside and out and confident af and immature to one of the most mature and wise young person I know.

To the both of you,

Who tolerate and love me even though I’m super needy almost always.

Who care for me better than some of my family

Without whom I’d be a constant mess

There’s not a day where I don’t miss you guys and our shenanigans.

To my support system.

Words will never be enough, but I’ll start somewhere by saying Thank you and I love you.