People don’t seem to understand us,

I mean, why would they?

We are the ‘losers’ of the society.

The ones who have no social life

The depressed ones, the lonely weaklings:

The *shhh* fangirls.

How many of us are laughed at everyday,

because we didn’t have a date on a saturday night 

(Not with a real person anyway)

we said “I have some assignments. We’ll hang our later?” –

as we pressed ‘next episode’

we hid our fictional obsessions,

acted like normal;

like we gave a damn about the real world.

but what they didn’t see was that

behind those computer screens,

was a girl or a boy

who wouldn’t have been here 

if it weren’t for their favorite show,

or their favorite artist, or that favorite band.

Some wake up the next day:

‘Cause if Dean Winchester, the vessel of Lucifer(!), is still fighting everyday,

Then they sure as hell can wake up today.

they listen to fall out boy,

they relate to the lyrics.

they listen to twenty one pilots,

they relate to the artist;

“Damn if Tyler is still here,

Trying to make us happy,

how dare I give up?”

they hear david bowie singing-

they COULD be heroes. And they will.

being in a fandom, isn’t ‘lame’

how amazing is it,

People bonding over a show or a book.

some best friends are made that way.

So,when someone says,

“They saved me, man”

Don’t mock them.

‘Cause you don’t know their battles like they do,

you don’t know what they struggle with every day,

you don’t know their story,

hell, I’ll say it-

You know nothing. (Jon Snow!)