This past week, I went to Chennai to visit my cousin. It was the first time I visited Chennai after almost 2 years. It was wonderful thinking about how much I’ve changed, evolved as a person, since the last time the city saw me. 

The first time I was here, I came with my mom, she took care of everything and then she left. All I had to do was go for classes till noon and come back and study. And that’s all I did. I was all alone in a city I didn’t know and all I heard everyday in the phone calls from my parents and relatives was to be careful. So that’s what I did. I was careful. I shut myself up in that apartment and only went out for the daily dosage of CLAT prep. 

To me, Chennai was an intimidating city. Everything was new and scary. For instance, I walked to classes. And I remember how terrified I was of crossing roads. I even took the long way round if it meant that I could avoid crossing busy roads. 

And when my classes ended after 25 days, I didn’t want to travel in a train all by myself, so my uncle came all the way from Kerala to drop me back to Kerala. 

It all seems so silly now. Now I travel every chance I get. And If I’m alone, its better.  The roads aren’t intimidating anymore, it’s just annoying(how drivers refuse to stop!). I take care of all my needs myself. I feel independent and free.

Chennai always holds a special place in my heart, for, it’s where the second phase of my life started. 

Thinking about all these instances gives my a small sort of pride; this is character development right? 


Bits and pieces.

The first time I went to a stadium. It doesn’t seem important. But it is. The first time, in a long time, I felt that way. Excited about something. And it was magical. Not the game. The game went on. But the happiness of the people there. Like a carnival. We jumped and screamed with all we had,supporting the men in yellow. A whole sea of people collectively screaming the team’s name. Everyone high-fiving each other regardless of whether we knew each other or not.

And I wondered, if the people in the country behaved like this on a daily basis. Not caring who his fellow being is and wha is his story. No judgements. Just enjoying each others company and supporting India as a country,not just the states or a political party. If the whole of India was a giant football team playing against the rest of the world, would we still kill each other in the name of God or a man who we worship as God?