A new year, a new me. 

A new year,  a new me!

I cried out to the world

But do you see

Do you see how vague was that phrase. 

I did too. 

However,  the most magical thing about adulthood is, 

You learn something new every moment, 

And so imagine;

Imagine what 366 days could do. 

A year ago, 

I was a different person. 

A person who was afraid, 

A person desperate to get out

A person unsatisfied. 

A year ago, 

My happiness did not  depend on my actions,

It was stuck in the hands of others

Friends, family all the same;

played hide and seek with it. 

My worth wasn’t determined by myself

I looked at them for approval

Needless to say, I didn’t think I was worth that much

In a world of diamonds and rubies, I was a pebble. 

But oh its a wonder

What 366 days can do to someone

A year ago, I gave up hope

I decided, I was destined to be mediocre,

But these 366  days was a wake up call

Not exactly a call; more of a slap in the face

Each of the 366 days taught me how to be a young adult in this world. 

It taught me to be passionate, 

Be adventurous, be spontaneous. 

I learnt to be kind to strangers, 

Show my affection and not bottle them up, 

To try new things, to take some risks. 

The past 366 days taught me to keep my happiness in myself

My happiness belonged to myself.

It taught me not everyone will love you and that’s okay

The important thing was that I loved myself. 

That everyday I looked in the mirror and said, 

I’m happy to be myself 

Finally,you see

It dawned on me, 

You needn’t wait for a new year, 

To turn your life around. 

My new year wasn’t January 1st

My new year is today, 

My new year is tomorrow

My new year starts whenever i make a change, 

My new year is everyday. 


Father’s Day

Seasons changed,
Skies grew warmer,
The air up here got stronger,
Yet the memories remained the same.

You held my hand ,
You pulled me up,
You made me feel safe,
And I did.

Why did you leave so soon?

I’m back here,
our favorite spot full of flowers,
Your favorite kind;

Yet they seem sad;
Strange? How flowers seem sad?
The only logical reason
They miss you.

I miss you.
Why did you leave so soon?

As I walked up,
The clouds grew darker and heavier.
They poured and poured,
I realized they were crying for you, too.

Even the stones seemed angry
Piercing into my naked foot

Blood smears marked my way,
Though, I wouldn’t need them.

Why did you leave so soon?

I’m up here,
Where we sat for hours
Sometimes talking , sometimes in comfortable silence.
The majestic view of the mountain always astounded us,
Don’t you remember?

But now,everything seems so insignificant,
All colors seem so dull;
Only the bright blue sky invited me home.
Home, to you.

I fall to the ground hoping to reach above,
I laugh at the irony;

The descent seemed to take centuries,
The trees seemed to wave goodbye,
I smile-

Don’t worry dad,
Your little girl is coming home, to you.
The perfect gift for Father’s day.



“You’re what everyone looks for,
Yet, how is it that people rarely find you?
Of course, flashing lights don’t point to you,
Sometimes you’re so well hidden,
Nobody notices you;
Ninja aren’t ya?”

Smiling, you said
“I was always there.”

It flashed before my eyes;
The one that got away,
The one that broke me,
The one I broke,
The one who walked away,

“No, not always.
I had been mended time and again,
Made to believe you existed,
I tried to find you.
From Shakespearean sonnets
To tumblr quotes,
All they ever spoke about was you.
Then why did I not find you?
You weren’t always there.
You were never there.”

“You didn’t search for me,
The real me;
I was there as your mother’s food,
The one she made, after her tiring day.
I was there as your father’s support,
Even that time you failed the test.
I was there as your best friend,
Laughing at silly things to cheer you up.
I was there as your teacher,
Giving you that extra mark to boost your grade.
I was there as that stranger,
Helping you up after you tripped.

I was always there all around,
Look for me in the smallest of things;
And you’ll always find me:love.”



I created the skies,
Grey and blue and red.
I created the trees
And the wind that made them dance.
I created air to breathe
I created love to survive.
What are we without love?

But symmetry, is important.
So I created hate,
I created war
I created bad, to go with the good;
Evil to every hero.

And if that wasn’t enough,
I created needy living things
And called them humans.
I tolerated some everyday,
And called them family.
I grew to love a few ,
And called them friends.
Then,I, the creator, became dependent.
I became the needy living thing,
They taught me how to live,
Not survive in the world I created.

But,oh darling, if I really created everything and everyone,
I think I put all my effort for you,
Because you are my pride,
You are the best art in all my creations.